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Discover Discount Blue Nike Mercurial Superfly CR AG R Soccer Cleats. Chapter two, of Cristiano Ronaldo's amazing journey towards the stars, focuses on his departure f.

Chapter two, of Cristiano Ronaldo's amazing journey towards the stars, focuses on his departure from his childhood home, from where he as a 12 year old boy decide to chase his dream of becoming a professional football player. Ronaldo himself told that the hardest part of his career was when he left his home island of Madeira and had to stand on his own feet. Even if Ronaldo always have had talent, Nike Mercurial Boots Cheap he doesn't hide the fact that his success has been a result of his hard work and training. It has required ruthlessly hard work and thousands of hours on the training pitch for Ronaldo to reach where he is today. The Natural Diamond football boot is manifest of Ronaldo's transition from a rough diamond to fully developed brilliant. Nike has, for the first time, textured the heel on the Mercurial to be able to express Ronaldo's transition from a little boy with big dreams to a one of the best players ever. The heel of the new nike mercurial superfly CR7 Football Boot has been designed to look rocky and rough, because it represents his early years where he started to define his style of playing. As he grew older, he polished his game and started to show glimpses of the player he later became. The same could be said of the Natural Diamond, which has a transitions from the heel area to the front of the foot. The upper is gradually smoothened so it in the end is a polished diamond. The analogy with the diamond is finally emphasized in the spark of the visible CR7 logo and the Nike Swoosh. The Mecurial is designed for the explosive player who wants full speed. It is the player which lightning speed makes the defenders taste hist dust when get out runned. CR7 soccerxp signatur boot - Natural Diamond Flyknit upper with Brio wires Lightweight Carbon sole Weight only on 193 gram


The Flyknit of the new nike mercurial superfly Football Boot makes it able for your foot to go as one with the boot, which makes the boot extremely flexible and extremely comfortable because the foot becomes one with the boot. The touch is extremely tight with the Flyknit upper where the tongue has been removed, so you can get as close as possible to the ball. The whole upper is made as a one piece upper, because modern football players use the whole boot to control the ball and not only special zones. The flyknit upper has a special 3D texture, which increases the friction between the football boot and the football, gives you a increased touch. The friction will be an advantage when dribbling in high speed but also when you have to pass or take shots. Brio-wires gives your foot a ultimate lockdown



To ensure that the upper doesn't fall together and to give a good stability, Nike has woven the Brio-wires in the upper. The Brio wires holds your foot on place in the boot and give you the unique fit which the Superfly offers. Meanwhile, the Brio-wires also reacts to the slightest movement, which makes the boot exploits your speed. Dynamic fit collar gives the best fit The Dynamic Fit Collar is the part of the boot which continuous above the ankle on your Superfly's. The extension of the boot is one of the most notable changes and also the sock like fit almost locks you feet in the spot. This feeling gives a feeling of the football boot being an extension of your body and feet. You automatically notice your feet more and the interaction with the football gets increased. A lightweight carbon soleplate for explosive speed The Mercurial Superfly will not be itself without the soleplate made out of carbon fiber and Nike doesn't make this mistake. The soleplate is made with a flexible two-way carbon fiber material. This carbon material makes the Superfly very flexible in some areas of the soleplate, meanwhile the soleplate follows the foots natural flex and by this Nike ensures you stiffness and flexibility right there where you need it the most. The traits of the Mercurial collection is the mixed stud configuration, which helps you with accelerating. These studs are also to be found on the Mercurial Superfly, where the stud configuration helps you with your aggressive shifts in direction and makes you more explosive in all areas.

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