A searching for light

    "...For Natasa Djurovic, the term "light" does not represent any physical category in sense of caravagio's "chiaroscuro", still less an impressionistic dimension. It is a metaphysical category in the artist's consciousness, light as a metaphor of good and positive energy… Something hidden, mystical, poly-significant and almost inexplicable, a fluid which wraps round everything what thinks and lives in the universe.

     At the first segment of the works, chronologically, from deadness and impersonality of darkness appear "the sparks of light", as a motive for the following researches. In the next segments, under gold and dark spots, faintly appear some pictures… The culmination of the concept represents a diptych with two monumental "sparks of darkness", heavy, black, monolithycal, threatening, with clear invoice which associate on an attempt of positive energy penetration, that is, "the light"."

Aleksandar Cilikov, art historian,
Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts Cetinje

    "…Natasa Djurovic speaks in her deeds in the language of the abstract high modernism, which means that she is concentrated on compositional structure of picturesque field by poetical (not dramatic) collision of light and darkness; on the whiteness of the base there is an arched black form which consists of faint relief. On those very contrasted surfaces a powerful shine (from the whiteness) and delicate glimmer (from the dark parts) are perceived which taken together represent something that Natasa Djurovic calls "the searching". The surface of her canvas is refreshed by short touches of discreet colours which turn the attention of an observer to the signs of unforced kind which conceptually does not charge the significance of her deeds, but visually dynamise them.

    This artist, as her biography shows, does not have a need for permanent presence in art life. On the contrary, she confirms a classical rule that it is possible to show only circled, conceptual and plastic parts completely defined and aesthetically valued to be put on a public trial. The cycle of pictures and paintings "A Searching For Light" by Natasa Djurovic exposed in gallery "Sue Ryder", confirms that, by making a symbolic connection of the beginning and end of modernism, the beginning and end of this century, the beginning and end of a creative story which still makes a deep trace in the time.

Jovan Despotovic, art historian,
Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade

    "…The exposition consists of about twenty works which treats the problem light - darkness. For her, the light is ontological category, the symbol of positive, life, but the darkness is disappearance, dying. Afterthat, the pictures of dark chromatic register in which one can see some abstract, symbolic signs, then the emphasized invoices which announce the penetration of the light. The most successful are the deeds of great form realized as diptych, triptych. Their body is made of some forms which associate on an eye, spheres, even blades.

    The empty spaces of "background" and whiteness still more monumentalize them. In some of them the traces of gold in shape of spots are registered, which make an impression of soaring and transcendental, characteristic for Byzantine art.

    They are characterized by harmony, rhythm, that is, the artist's fine sense for measure and space. The sophistication of art expression is in the sign of minimalistic experiences transported in original, significant way.

Natasa Nikcevic, art historian,
Journalist of the daily “Pobjeda”

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